Good Things are Going to Happen

I am in a new and completely foreign season of life. Or maybe you could call it death.  I began doing ministry as a “job” when I was only 20 years old in 1995.    And now for the first time in 20 years I am not doing that.

In all my newfound freedom, I was out in my yard “dead heading” my coreopsis (see pic below).  I noticed that right here all in one spot, you have flowers in full bloom, others- brown and ready to fall to the ground, and still others which are budding and about to open up.

I started cutting the brown heads with  pair of tiny pruning scissors, thinking I could move faster.  I accidentally cut off some of the “good ones” as well.  I felt bad about this and decided to go back to old school style, pulling the heads off with my hand.  It was actually faster and more accurate than the scissors.

As I pulled off the old, I said to myself “pruning is important, but in the wrong hands or in our haste, we can remove something we shouldn’t, before its time.”  And I realized that’s how I felt.  Someone or something pulled me up and removed me and I wasn’t ready yet.   I felt anger, betrayal, sadness.

But as I continued to work ,I was gently reminded that regardless of what I had experienced, the gardener is the true pruner, removing only what i necessary, and for the benefit of the whole plant.  Instead of being angry and feeling “cut off”  healing began to come as I realized that maybe this was indeed a time for me to submit, to fall into the hands of the gardener, to be allowed to fall to the ground… to die… to rest.

The benefit of this whole plant does not DEPEND on me.  I am one of many.  There are others all around me in full bloom.  There are those coming behind me who are ready to burst onto the scene.  But for me for now, I fall to the ground.  I lie fallow.  I wait.  Because this is not the end.  There is a new time coming for me, but without this season of death, I will never experience the new life that springs forth.

“Science has found that nothing disappears without a trace.  Nature does not know extinction.  All it knows is transformation.”  –Wernher von Braun


24 I tell you the truth, a grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die to make many seeds. But if it never dies, it remains only a single seed. 25 Those who love their lives will lose them, but those who hate their lives in this world will keep true life forever.”  -John 12:24-25 NCV


5 thoughts on “Good Things are Going to Happen

  1. I work at home for a non-profit healthcare company 4 days a week, 10 hours each day. I sit at my desk with an open window to my right. Each day I open the blinds, and the yard is full of all kinds and colors of birds, there are rabbits, and squirrels too. The yard is busy and those critters are flying, jumping, and hopping around, just eating and looking for food. Occasionally, a bird will land on the brick ledge of my window and look in, and then it occurs to me, it is I that is on display. I believe this to be so because when that bird looked in at me, it sort of like turned it’s head sideways for a moment while looking at me. I wonder what that thought was. My life isn’t exactly what I wish it to be right now, but I know God has his angels looking in…..Ray

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  2. Thank You has been moved temporarily from Diversacare to Unity Psychiatric Therapy in Columbia. There he will get meds adjustment, behavior therapy adjustment and better care. We visited him today and we found him Happy and so glad to see us. Once he is discharged from there, we will find another place in M’Boro for him to be as Diversacare in Smyrna was not right for him…..Ray


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