Cheetos, Yes please? or No, thank you!

4193gJNQLvLMy oldest daughter hates Cheetos.  Specifically, she hates the smell of Cheetos.  She is convinced that she has a Cheeto allergy.  What makes this difficult is that my younger daughter LOVES Cheetos.

Recently the younger found a bag cheetos where we were, and dared to go into the presence of the older whilst eating them.  I heard the older say (disgustedly) ” You came near me with Cheetos!”

As if.  How dare she?

I get so tired of this exchange and I tell my daughter, “you will encounter Cheetos in this life, and if you can’t handle it, you need to remove yourself from the Cheetos.”

And then I realized, I have done the same.  When things don’t go to my liking, I often complain… feel put out, disgusted… “why is this happening in my realm– how dare this happen to me?”  I’ve pounded and pounded at an issue trying to bring change, when hindsight has often told me- “YOU are the one that didn’t like it, why didn’t you walk away– remove yourself from the situation?”

Friends, there will be Cheetos that we encounter; things that in and of themselves aren’t inherently wrong or bad.  But the question I have decided I need to ask myself now is, “Do I expect this environment or circumstance to change to suit my liking, or do I need to be the one to change my environment or circumstance?”

Happy Snacking!

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