Sometimes you get lucky

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This weekend I got to participate in a “friendly” game of “dirty santa”– an ornament exchange.  If you’re not familiar with it, everyone draws a number.  When your number is up, you can either choose a gift from the middle to open or steal a gift that is already out there.  Often times there are a few popular gifts that get stolen and make several trips around the group.

My seven year old played with me in her first round of dirty santa at this party.  The game had gotten really good- with lots of steals happening.  She waited for just the right moment– when a silence had fallen over the group and a friend was trying to decide what course of action to take– to say profoundly (as only little kids can) “You never know, if you pick one from the middle you just might get lucky…”

The gift of this statement didn’t open up to me until a day later.  You see, I have been in a season of indecision in my life.  I have a chance to take a new direction.  I am like the friend, standing there trying to decide– do I take what I have seen and am familiar with– which is traveling around the circle, or do I take a chance- reach out into the middle– and maybe I’ll get lucky.

I don’t know about you, but I think she’s right.  In this season, I think I’ll not keep chasing that elusive yet familiar gift as it makes it rounds.  I think I’ll reach for something new, something different, something unknown even.  Who knows?  I might just get lucky.


After speaking for a while, Jesus speaks to Simon:  Move out into deeper water, and drop your nets to see what you’ll catch.” -Luke 5:4

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