The kingdom is like a blue-winged wasp

Last week we were in Pigeon Forge at Dollywood with our family.  At one point I was with my youngest and we were taking a little break on one of the playground areas.  She was sitting on this caterpillar sculpture looking down at what appeared to be a blue- winged wasp.  A little boy came over and said “Oh a Wasp!” and raised his foot to stomp it.  “Wait!” she said, with his foot mid-air.  “That’s a blue winged wasp… he’s not aggressive and we need the wasps to help pollinate the flowers and trees!”

The little boy slowly lowered his foot and begin to ask her questions about wasps, bees, and all sorts of other insects.  The next thing you know she had him and a friend investigating a lady bug they found crawling along– they were asking her what lady bugs eat– and she was making up answers as if she were a true naturalist….

In a moment I heard the Spirit gently say to me… “and this is what we need, is it not?  People who proclaim what life COULD be.  We don’t have to crush and kill what we are afraid of.  Maybe the kingdom of God is really about learning to UNDERSTAND instead of FEAR… and being able to demonstrate that to others….”

Then wolves will live in peace with lambs,
    and leopards will lie down to rest with goats.
Calves, lions, and young bulls will eat together,
    and a little child will lead them.
Cows and bears will eat together in peace.
    Their young will lie down to rest together.
    Lions will eat hay as oxen do.
A baby will be able to play near a cobra’s hole,
    and a child will be able to put his hand into the nest of a poisonous snake.
They will not hurt or destroy each other
    on all my holy mountain,
because the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord,
    as the sea is full of water.   

Isaiah 11:6-9 (NCV)

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